Yoga theory applied

Application and adaptation of yoga techniques and philosophy

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This magazine is a wonderful way to learn about yoga! Viniyoga Europe magazines are composed by articles translated into English from the original Viniyoga magazines that have been edited in Belgium under the supervision of Claude Maréchal, since September, 1983. 

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Our new Viniyoga publication presents the study of the postures published in the original Belgian Viniyoga magazine. Go to Postures >>>

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The authors are fully responsible for the content of the articles. 

All the articles were translated and adapted from the Belgian magazine 'Viniyoga", with the authorization of its publisher, Claude Maréchal.

Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga™ Institute ( holds the trademark for Viniyoga™ in the United States.  Alice Lopes and Yoga Theory Applied have been granted permission to use the term Viniyoga™.